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Core Secrets of Living a Life Filled with Magic:

1. There is no magic

The moment you label something as magical or miraculous, you've already made your wish impossible. Just let miracles happen. Observe the universe.

2. Do not judge

A Jewish Grand Master once said, "Do not judge for the amount you judge with be judged back unto thee... Only God judges."

The first half of the koan above sounds clear enough. If I judge getting that job or being in a relationship with this person or healing as a miracle, I've mentally given up and made my wish impossible. This much is simple. The secret teaching is in the second half. Only God judges. This does not mean that god is holding a notepad of all your sins. God is not Santa Clause. This hints that if you judge, you are putting yourself in the position and power of God. This hints that if you say this or that beautiful thing would be a miracle if it happend to you, This is just like God himself came down and said, "For you, what you wish will be impossible." You create your own karma.

If you judge for yourself that cooked food is bad for your health and only raw food / vegan is good, or that men only want one thing, or that you are a looser - you are 100% right. Judging creates powerful mantras.

3. The universe is upside down and inside-out

So if you try to solve a problem at the level of mind that created it, you will be caught in a feedback loop. Surfers who wipe out under 10 feet of water and Skiers who are trapped under 10 feet of snow often die because they swim or dig in the wrong direction. You must be at a higher level than the level of mind that created the problem. Your mind created the problem. If you are trying to save the world, you are destroying it and shackeling yourself by your ego.

4. Alchemy is real.

Learn the dark secrets of alchemy to create events you never thought possible for you. To create change, humans have been taking from 3d natural resources. You may find the videos, lessons and audiobooks here on meditation-mantra.org helps you do so.

5. Stay in touch. Let's be friends.

While there are hundreds of videos about Taoist Alchemy and Manifesting Life Magic on Youtube, The higher level videos and secrets are only shared via the Google Groups emails and my facebook: Daoism

Join Both. We cover different material through these different channels. Welcome! - Wan Qi.

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How to Manifest Your Wishes: Alchemy

Whether you are totally happy or feel all alone in a world of pain and rejection (see zen koan), there is always another event you want to experience. How much of your precious and priceless moments are spent grasping in the dark - failing to experience what you want? Worse yet, you may even think of every step that was not successful as a failure. At least grasping in the dark can be productive if you remember where not to grasp the next time around.

But regardless, if you want to live a powerful life with strong self esteem or learn how to attract your soul mate (see: love mantra), you talk to someone who has already succeeded. If you want to learn how to become financially successful (see: how to break your money karma + the success mantra), you ask someone who doesn't have to work any more. If you want to heal and be cured of a health issue, you ask a healer who has already cured many people who've suffered in your shoes. In all of these cases, experience and wisdom can give you a dimensional leap in life.

In every country and culture, the families who have passed down their wisdom are the most powerful and successful. To use an ironic example, in America, Samuel P. Bush (1863-1948), was close adviser to President Hoover. His son Prescott Bush (1895-1972) served as a US Senator. George H.W. Bush (born 1924), Prescott Bush Sr.'s second son, was the 41st US President, Vice-President of the United States under Ronald Reagan, a Congressman from Houston, and CIA director. Finally, George W. Bush (born 1946), George H.W. Bush's eldest son, was the 43rd President of the United States.

In just four generations, The Bush family was able to take the American presidency and impact the entire world by passing on their family "wisdom" (whether you agree with them or not, they succeeded in shaping the entire world) and staying tight as a family clan. Imagine how much more success and wisdom you'd have if your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents all passed on all of their deepest wisdom to you. Imagine how powerfully your children could manifest what seem like miracles to others.

Daoism is a wisdom that has been closely guarded and passed down from Master to Disciple in an unbroken line through millenia. The wisdom to transform depression into joy, the wisdom to transmute loneliness to love (humor), the wisdom to overcome self-sabotage, the wisdom to cure, and even the wisdom to rejuvinate your physical body.

Regardless of the wisdom you seek, you've already done the hardest part. Welcome. Explore the many different topics at Meditation-Mantra.org and take with you what you need to make quantum leap jumps of progress in your own life. Now.

Explore http://meditation-mantra.org. Here, You will find wisdom that has been passed on for thousands of years. And it's all yours now.

Before You Can Move Forward, You Must Unshackle Yourself

A young man full of energy and hope sought out a master. He wanted to improve his life and experience living in ways that he could not imagine attaining without teaching. He was right. When he finally found the master who could pass on all the secrets of life, the master sent him away. The young man was sent away with one Koan, "If you want me to fill your cup, you must first empty it."

This young man had so many of his own ideas and beliefs of what was right and wrong, good and bad, righteous and evil, that the master's wisdom would simply fall like pearls into tall weeds. For most people however, even the realization that they are indeed shackled and mentally chained to their current life is hard to believe. They have an illusion of freedom like a fish that looks up at the surface of it's lake only to see its own reflection.

If you see your own reflection, you cannot see the infinite sky above. You will simply swim back down into the world that entraps you. Unshackle yourself completely from self-sabotaging mantras (beliefs) to exhaustion from guilt and resentment. Try the core guided meditation video below and consider downloading the "Secret Alchemy of Manifesting Part One" beneath... Enjoy!

Download "The Secret Alchemy of Manifesting Part One - Unshackling" - $17

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Once You Are Free, You Can Practice Bending the Elements with Alchemy

I remember a beautiful young woman in Galway. Where ever she walked, conversations stopped, cars slowed, and eyes turned toward her. She was brilliant, intelligent, and kind. She had everything any woman could want but one thing - Love.

When she was younger she met a young man whom she fell in love with deeply. Her love was so fierce that his flaws were charming, his anger was exciting, and his manipulation seemed like careful attention. Until he betrayed her. It was with her best friend.

Maybe to this very day, she still finds trusting women difficult. To this very day, she still finds his brand of cologne, his way of brushing his hair -- all repulsive. Her pain, her anger, her fear shackled her from ever being free to love as freely again. But she was once free. And she can be again.

When you are free, you have the full range of motion and vision to be able to create and manifest what ever you wish. The universe is a garden of endless ingredients. Whether it is freedom from a negative self image, painful life experiences, or sabotaging beliefs, if you are free, you can learn to manipulate the forces of nature, time, and space. You can learn to manipulate the element of alchemy and create events that others would consider miraculous.

Free yourself first, by downloading Part One above. Then consider downloading "The Secret Alchemy of Manifesting Part Two" you will learn the secret of recreating and focusing those magical moments when everything seems to go your way. You will learn to see the underpinnings of those disasterous days when nothing seems to work. Then, using the same principles, you'll be able to start using alchemy to manifest what you want in total harmony with nature.

Download "The Secret Alchemy of Manifesting Part Two - Reaching
Through Multiple Dimensions"
- $17

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What if You Don't Have Shackles but You Also Don't Have Burning Passion Either?

There was a little white mouse named Rusty. I have no idea why scientists would name a white mouse rusty but they did. Rusty was a test mouse for some series of neurological and cognitive behavioral testing at a major university. Basically, scientists were trying to understand how learning happens in a simple nervous system - in Rusty.

The doctors in white lab coats gave Rusty two different cheeses. Every two times Rusty ate the yellow cheese, they scientists would shock him with a small stun gun. And every time rusty ate the white cheese, they shocked him too. But if rusty alternated between the white and the yellow cheese, he would be left to eat in peace. Sadly, Rusty never figured out the pattern. In the end, Rusty simply stopped eating. All enthusiasm and passion was stripped of him.

I get asked by college students on a near daily basis if there's something wrong with them. Their number one concern is that they have no passion or enthusiasm for any subject. They see others driven to take on double majors but they cannot even pick one. Or maybe you are an adult with family responsibilities. Have you run out of the passion you know you need to take your family or marraige to the next level? Consider "Alchemy of Passion..."


Download "Igniting Your Life and Power with Passion" - $17

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Everything You Do Will Succeed

I love the Hebrew Scriptures. There is a verse in the beginning of the Books of Davidic Wisdom that says, "Read these words in a hushed voice day and night. And everything you do will succeed." This one verse has inspired so many to keep on seeking and knocking.

When I read these words, even as a child, I never wondered how a book with only a few pages could teach a reader how to succeed at everything and anything. I never wondered how a book of just a few words could empower one to succeed at everything. In fact, I wondered why, with all it's power, they book had to have so many words?

I remember my elementary school janitor. Which child would forget the man who made such joyous jingling sounds with every step he took. I remember talking to him about the hundred or so keys he jingled from his belt. He showed me one special key. He said, "With this one key, I don't need any of the rest. This is the master key."

Whether your most immediate need is to create confidence in yourself and develop self esteem, whether you are ready to move on to deeper spiritual secrets of the i-ching, five-elements, and sacred geometry, or whether you simply need a higher source for your health condition, you've already found a place where you can get your own master key to every door in your life.

Welcome. And bring your thoughts, heart, and questions to facebook.com/daoism

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